Post Type Builder Review (2021): Creating a Property Listing Website

themify post type builder review

If you’re new to WordPress, you might be wondering, what is custom post type and where do you need it?

Custom post type is a feature in WordPress that turns your website from blogging into a powerful content management system. Most people often use them to create new content types for their WordPress website and particularly when they want to add more information to website in a structured way. In this article, we have explained below how to add a new content type ‘property’ and use it to build a property listing website.

Post Type Builder is a WordPress plugin from Themify that allows you to create custom post types and taxonomies, plus you can create unlimited layouts for custom post types using its built-in drag and drop interface builder. The plugin allows you to create multi-column layouts from simple to complex, both for single and archive pages. Imagination is the only limit, otherwise you can create any type of website, be it coupons, recipe, property listing or any other type.

In this Themify post type builder review, I will give you an overview of what features are available, extra addons and then step by step instructions to build a website for property listing.


Post Type Builder (or PTB) is an extremely powerful yet simple to use plugin. It has made creating custom post types a snap, without having to write any PHP code or having to use multiple post type plugins. Not only can it open up more possibilities with post types, but can also save a tremendous amount of time because everything can be created seamlessly.

From post type creation to layout designing, everything is tied together nicely. After creating a custom post type with all required fields, you can quickly create page templates, insert items/fields in order you want to display using the easy-to-use drag and drop feature.

Talking about Themify, out of the huge number of WordPress theme stores that have flooded the market, Themify stands out for its simple yet amazing products which enable users to design professional looking websites without writing any code. Most themes, including some of Themify’s plugins, come with a drag and drop builder, so you don’t need to spend hours following layout design. Make use of their powerful builder interface that simplifies layout part and you can create great looking websites in minutes. In fact, Themify themes offer great versatility to customize the website from every aspect and the best part is their timely and effective online support.

Just in case you are looking for a highly flexible and fully responsive WordPress theme, check out their Ultra theme. Ultra is a multi-purpose WordPress theme supported by powerful features and provides the best solution for all website needs. You can use it to for launching your business website, online store, blog or portfolio.

Main Features of Post Type Builder

Create any Custom Post Type

Build unlimited post types on your website. Enable standard post features like title, content editor, excerpt, featured image, categories, tags, etc. or create new meta fields and taxonomies on the fly.

Drag and Drop MetaBox Builder

Add extra content to your custom posts using easy-to-use metabox builder – integrated into PTB plugin.

Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Use drag and drop builder to design the template layout for the custom post type, and customize the look and feel using custom css option.

Shortcodes Generator

Display custom posts anywhere on your WordPress website. Use the built-in shortcode generator to display custom posts anywhere – no coding required.

Easy Site-to-Site Import/Export

Clone your custom post types to another website. Export your post types, taxonomies and templates together or individually.

Multilingual Support

Translate your custom post types to other languages. PTB integrates nicely with the WPML plugin to help you create a multilingual website in minutes.

Empower PTB with Themify PTB Addons

Themify has recently built two new addons for the post type builder plugin which adds more features to custom posts. From creating additional input field types to allowing users to create submission forms that’s seamless with their custom post types.

The Extra Fields addon supports 8 additional input field types: Video, Rating, Map, Date, Slider, Gallery, Progress Bar, and Icon.

The second PTB addon is the Submissions addon. This addon allows your website visitors to submit and/or edit custom posts without giving them administrative rights. It lets you automatically approve/publish submissions by users of your website, and also gives you the option to charge a submission fee using Credit Card or PayPal.

Extra Fields PTB Addon

Post Type Builder (PTB) Extra Fields addon works hand-in-hand with PTB enabling user to extend the custom post fields. All you need to do is just install and activate this addon and get going with creating custom post types with 8 new modules on the Meta Box builder. Add complex controls like slider, map, gallery etc. to your custom post easily without any coding. The addon comes with the following fields:

  • Video = Display Youtube/Vimeo/MP4 videos in a 2 or 3 grid column.
  • Rating = Choose from over 320+ icons, and let only admin users or public visitors rate your posts.
  • Map = Showcase any location in a map, with a pointer and text tooltip.
  • Date = Use a date & time calendar picker, to select the date that will appear on your post.
  • Slider = Use an image/video slider, where you can adjust the speed and transition style.
  • Gallery = Display your images in grid, showcase, or lightbox format.
  • Progress Bar = Use animated bars to highlight skills or ongoing projects, with percentages and custom labels.
  • Icon = Choose from over 320+ icons. Adjust the size, color, and link of the icon.

adding extra fields to custom post type

Submissions PTB Addon

With the Submissions addon, users can submit and edit posts for their custom post types. Working side by side with PTB plugin, administrators are enabled with the options to charge submission fee, auto publish, or approve submissions manually. It works seamlessly with custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and templates created with the Post Type Builder. The addon comes with the following features:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder = Create submission forms that are associated with all your custom post types and its custom fields.
  • User Submissions Management = Users are given the capability to create a user account, where they can edit, review, and delete their submissions. They can search their posts by filtering on specific field and/or taxonomy.
  • Admin Submissions Management = Admin can search/filter submissions for a specific post type, author, time range, and payment status.
  • Auto-Publish Submissions = Allow submissions to publish without admin approval.
  • Optional Payment = Allows admin to charge a fee using PayPal for submissions.
  • Email Notification = Email notification is sent to both user and admin whenever a form is submitted.

adding extra fields to custom post type

Creating a Property Listings Website

So far, we have talked about the Custom Post Type and Post Type Builder plugin and its features. Now, I will walk you through this tutorial on how to build a professional (and attractive too) property listing website using WordPress in minutes.

Here, I have explained below how in 3 easy steps you can actually create a property listing website using Post Type Builder plugin and customize it as per your needs,

  1. create a new custom post type for property
  2. design layout for the property listing
  3. add property post

Note, you need to install this post type builder plugin to your WordPress website. You can download it from here.

Step 1: Create a New Custom Post Type

First, create a new post type for property. For this, you need to login to WP Admin dashboard, go to Post Type BuilderPost Types. Click on ‘Add New’ button.

Next, add the fields for property you would want to display on the website property page, such as price, size (in square feet), prize per sqft, year built, listing agent, map and so on.

As you would have seen on other property listing directory website that they add images and sliders to their property page. In fact, it helps you get more responses from visitors.

The post type builder plugin allows you to add sliders and gallery so you can build picture to your property pages.

adding a custom post type

Note, we have also created four new taxonomies and assigned them to our new custom post type ‘property’.

Step 2: Design the Layout for New Post Type

After adding a new post type, it’s time to create a template (design layout) for the property listing. Go to Post Type BuilderTemplates. Click on ‘Add New’ button.

Enter the template name, select the property post type from the dropdown list and save the details. You will be redirected to a page to edit archive and single page template.

Single Post Template

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are several buttons with purple background. Basically, these are meta fields, taxonomies, and extra fields which are associated with our property post type.

You can add row(s), either set as full width or split by columns. Next, drop a fields or taxonomy to the column.

By default, the post navigation feature is enabled but you can turn it off if you don’t want.

create a template for single/archive post

Archive Template

Like how you designed the template for single post above, exactly the same way you can design the layout for archives property page.

The additional options you have is, decide the post layout, number of posts per page, choose the order by field, and pagination.

Step 3: Add A New Property Post

After the post type and template is set, you can add a new property from WordPress admin panel.

Go to PropertyAdd New.

Fill in the property details like price, area size, built year, etc.

Save the details and browse the page.

Below is an example of sample website I built using post type builder plugin.

post type builder - property listing view

Wrapping Up

The Post Type Builder from Themify is an all-in-one plugin that comes with powerful features that let you quickly add new post types and design complex layouts with the built-in drag and drop page builder. It’s especially beneficial for WordPress users with limited or no coding knowledge, but want to build a professional looking website regardless of content type.

That’s all. We hope this article helped you learn how to create a custom post type for your website and design beautiful layouts using the easy-to-use drag and drop interface. You might also want to see our unbiased review of Themify to see why you should buy their themes and plugins, and is it worth the investment?

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