Themify Review 2021: What’s In Their Store and Is It Worth Investing?

themify review 2021

Choosing a perfect theme for your next WordPress project is like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially when you get to choose from hundreds of themes available and each claims to be the best. It becomes more by luck than judgement while one can endlessly search for that perfect theme and another can bump into it on his first search.

It’s true that for any business, website’s graphical appearance is important as it can help you improve the conversion rate but there are many other important factors to consider than just looking over what a theme has to offer visually. You have to think of theme’s customization options, figure out if theme has a user-friendly interface, it compatibility with popular plugins and so on.

In this review, I’ll give you an in-depth look at the popular WordPress theme shop Themify. I’ll show you exactly what is in their store, how much on average does each item cost, how’s their support and why it’s a perfect choice for any developer, creative or web design agency.

So, let’s get started.

About Themify

Themify was founded by Nick La (Illustrator and Designer) in 2010 and since then he and his team have served over 88,555+ customers to date (and counting…).

Currently, they’re offering over 42+ WordPress themes (including flagship ‘Ultra’ theme), 12+ plugins, 25 builder addons, and 5 more addons for Post Type Builder plugin. You can buy each theme on its own, or join the club and gain access to all their beautifully designed themes, powerful plugins, addons and photoshop mock-ups for just $80 a year. However, if you’re planning on using their products for multiple clients for the next couple of years, though, it’s actually their slightly pricier ‘Lifetime Membership’ plan but is the best value for money – giving you access to all existing as well as future releases (including new themes & plugins and their updates) for one-time fee of $249.

Themify Themes

Ultra Multipurpose Theme

The Ultra WordPress theme
Ultra WordPress theme demo home page

Ultra is a flagship product of Themify, and is the powerful and flexible WordPress theme with an ability to create just about anything. From blog and personal portfolio to online shop and corporate site, Ultra is a one stop shop for building website of any kind.

Example of a Ultra layout
Ultra makes it easy to create any custom content layouts

The Ultra theme is ideal for anyone, whether a beginner who wants to build a personal or portfolio website, or a professional who is looking for a tool to create websites for clients quickly and efficiently. In addition, it gives you an ability to fully customize each element on the page using themify builder’s advanced page building capability. From header to footer, either site-wide or per individual page, you can design an entire site to share the same look and feel or create a unique look for every page.

Themify Ultra Section Scrolling Feature
Themify introduced a new feature that gives an ability to add full section scrolling to a page

Another cool feature of the Ultra that’s worth mentioning is a section scrolling. This relatively is a new feature added and is also made available with all other themify themes and themify builder plugin. It gives you an ability to build a page with full section scrolling therefore allowing viewers to scroll through your page one row at a time just like a presentation slideshow.

Ultra theme Skins
Prebuilt website demos bundled with Ultra WordPress theme is a great time saving

One of the reasons people decide to go with Ultra is that it includes over 18+ design skins (or readymade websites) right out of the box. This includes eCommerce, Wedding, Photography, Agency, App, and other useful skins. And what is so great about these readymade websites is that it can be used to jump start your new projects, allowing you to build a brand-new website in just a matter of few minutes. Just pick the skin of your choice, import into WordPress and swap the demo content with original text and media elements.

Ultra Builder Prebuild Layouts
Ultra includes over 60 handmade layouts to create any page layout you can imagine

Ultra also includes over 60+ professional layouts that are bundled in a theme package. These premade layouts are great for creating any kind of design including landing page, just pick the design that suits your need and start building! Plus, with builder tool, you get an ability to customize existing layouts using drag & drop, add slider & video backgrounds, parallax effect, section scrolling (horizontal or vertical), animations and more.

Divi Split Testing
Divi WordPress theme with Dibi Leads split testing system to optimize your conversion rate

The one drawback of the Ultra theme when compared with Divi and other popular multipurpose themes is the lack of split test. Unlike Divi which comes with Divi Leads tool, Ultra does not have a feature that let you run split test on your site pages. The split testing, however, is a critical element that helps you determine which method delivers the best results by comparing website metrics.

Overall, Ultra is a great choice for creatives who’d like to build a custom WordPress website regardless of their technical abilities.

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Music WordPress Theme

Themify Announcement Bar Plugin
A Multipurpose Music WordPress theme for musician, artists and DJs

Whether you’re a musician or artist, you need an online platform to show viewers with a glimpse of your work. And there is no better platform than showing it on your personal website. Music is a sleek and stylish WordPress theme that has been designed primarily for musicians, music bands, DJs and artists who wants to build their website without having to hire any developer or designer.

Music includes the powerful Themify Builder tool, you can use to create an unlimited number of page layouts without even adding a single line of code. The theme is even packed with various premade layouts. You can import them to your site and being using them out of the box by replacing the content such as text, images and videos. Each layout highlighting some unique features such as full-width video background, parallax scrolling, image slider, photo gallery and more. It also includes a layout to build a landing page for app related to music.

Music Theme Premade Layouts
Music theme includes some beautiful prebuilt layouts related to music websites

The default homepage layout is perfect for building your music website. Using this layout gives you the ability to autoplay your best or most recent performance in a full-width video background. You can use carousel slider to make a slideshow of your albums giving your audience a quick access to album’s content and tracks stop play. You can also add events, concerts, photo and/or video gallery, blog posts to display various content on your website.

Music Theme HomePage Layout
An example of the home page layout which you can import to your Music WordPress site

Music also includes an ultra-modern and creative landing page layout to promote your mobile app or services designed around music. It has a clean and modern responsive layout to help you build a conversion-optimized landing page for your mobile app or music related services. Use elements such as continuous scrolling carousel, a distinct and strong call to action, pricing table, and FAQs on the page.

Music Theme More Layouts
Another example of Music theme layout which focus on creating an app-based landing page

Music also includes various custom post types that allows you to create custom content such as album, event, concert and more. As well each post type has its own unique layout, so you have a well-designed website as soon as you install Music theme is live on your WordPress site.

Music theme Custom Post Type
One example of a custom post type displaying album information and its tracks with a button to play preview or full music

Music also includes the powerful and easy to use page designer and layout builder tool you can use to customize any of the premade Music theme’s templates through a front-end or back-end user interface. Not only this, you can have a full control, either site-wide or per individual page, to make your entire site share the same look and feel or create a unique look for every single page on your website. Furthermore, you can customize everything from google fonts, background images, colors, site logo, menu and even sidebar widgets.

Music theme example content layout
An example of the layout you can create with Music and its builder tool

With Music and WooCommerce, you can transform your music website into an online shop. You can also have the ability to add audio or video samples to your product page so that visitors can preview them.

Music theme and WooCommerce plugin
Using the Music WordPress theme with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin

As well as the ability to embed a media player into your site to allow visitors to enjoy continuous music without any interruption as they navigate through your website.

Music Theme Audio Player
Music theme adds a media player to website footer to play non-stop music on page load in browser

While Themify created Ultra with the goal of making it a multi-purpose theme for any WordPress website, Music was created to be the best theme for musicians, DJs, artists, and music bands. With variety of premade templates and an ability to customize website design using builder with live edits and previews plus over 50 builder addons right at your fingertips, Music is one of the best themes that any musician, recording studio, music band or any design agency should consider.

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Shoppe WooCommerce Theme

Shoppe WordPress theme
Shoppe WooCommerce theme is designed to build an elegant store to engage your shoppers and generate sales

Shoppe is the most recent addition to themify themes after Ultra, and is designed for creating online stores quickly and easily.

Shoppe Sport Skin Example
Sport skin of Shoppe theme is idea for owners of sports shop to make their online presence and create brand awareness

Shoppe is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme allows you to create professional, responsive ecommerce sites, and just like other themify themes, Shoppe too comes with themify drag & drop builder along with many useful features that an eCommerce website need.

Shoppe Website Skins
Build ecommerce website in minutes using Shoppe’s ready website skins

Shoppe’s out of the box integration with WooCommerce, coupled with some spectacular premade professional skins (demo sites), makes it the right choice for the easy and hassle-free creation of minimal yet elegant ecommerce sites for your business. Shoppe currently includes skins including Apparel, Black, Elegant, Music, Sport, Men, Craft and more to come. Each skin that comes with Shoppe brings totally different look and feel.

Shoppe theme features

Ajax Cart WordPress
As you add items to cart, it instantly updates the cart header on go using ajax call without reloading the entire page.

Zoom Image Cart
Image zoom allows users to click to view a large version of the product image. It works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Other popular features of the Shoppe theme include the ability to quickly search products on your site, add social banners to allow customers to connect to you through social media, Wishlist to allow visitors to create personalized collections of products they would want to buy later, lightbox popup for quick view to the product details without navigating away from the archive page and more.

Shoppe theme page layouts
Shoppe includes many page layouts which are perfect for building shop landing page in just a matter of seconds

Along with Shoppe’s premade skins, you also get access to a set of over 60+ regular layouts bundled with themify builder and 20+ conceptually conceived shop landing page layouts so you can hit the ground running to help guide your ecommerce business towards a successful outcome.

Shoppe theme bundled addons
Use extra addons to extend the functionality of your Shoppe theme

Shoppe also includes over 12+ bonus addons. Each addon is an essential element and you would find them useful as you start building your eCommerce website. This includes a countdown addon which is Ideal for promoting your brand before launch or running an awesome discount on product for a limited time period. Another useful addon is the ‘Builder WooCommerce’ gives you an ability to display WooCommerce products anywhere on your website and filter the products based on category, rating, on-sales and more. Other useful addons includes Image Pro, Timeline, Counter, Typewriter, Slider Pro, Pricing Table, Audio Player and more.

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Themify Other Themes


Parallax is a one page and responsive WordPress theme was designed with two very cool design trends in mind – parallax scrolling and single page design – ideal for any creative or business startups.


Fullpane is a stylish, retina ready WordPress theme build with a feature that allows you to create full section scrolling, and build colourful and stunning websites for personal blogs, agency websites, and photographers or videographers showcasing their portfolio.


Landing is a clean and modern Landing Page WordPress theme. It’s a clean and beautifully designed website template that is an ideal fit for building landing page for your website.

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Themify Plugins

Themify Builder

Themify Builder Plugin
Themify Builder Plugin – A Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress

Themify Builder is a standalone drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that has been developed to quickly build custom pages for your website. Themify has completely revamped its builder tool and new builder tool gives you full control over your website design.

Themify Builder Interface
A sleek, intuitive and responsive themify page builder that now offers better user experience

Themify Builder plugin allows you to create any kind of custom and beautiful page design you can imagine using builder’s backend interface or frontend interface. With a live page editing support, you can actually preview your changes as you edit your page in the front-end interface of the builder without navigating away from the builder itself. No doubt that its front-end interface is definitely a way to go as it’s a fast, intuitive drag & drop editor but sometimes back-end editor could be a right choice especially when designing more complex layouts.

Themify Builder Interface
Easily switch back and forth between two editing options without any problem

The free version of Themify Builder plugin comes with over 24+ customizable content modules which can be added to your page and later customize the content, styling, animation and visibility (optionally). However, if you want to add extra capabilities to your builder tool, you can buy builder addons pack which gives you additional 25+ rich-content modules.

Themify Builder Content Modules
The Themify Builder plugin offers over 50+ feature-rich content modules which can be added anywhere into your page layout

Some of the useful features of the Themify Builder plugin include the ability to quickly duplicate rows or modules, set visibility of each row or module, copying and pasting content modules within the builder, undo and redo changes, and custom styling for your page elements. Also, Themify added some cool new features to its builder tool such as row drag zooming, a drop-cap feature to add a large capital letter at the beginning of a text block, an ability to resizable window to preview responsiveness of a webpage, live editing of layout parts and more.

Themify Builder Row Frame Styling
Style any row or column edges using any premade preset or custom style

Themify Builder plugin offers another essential productivity feature ‘builder library’ that allows you to save row or module as a library object to reuse it elsewhere on your site. You can easily drag and drop any saved object in your library to any page without having to apply custom style. The builder library also comes with the ability to save any row or module as a layout part. What is interesting about layout part is that when you update any of the layout parts, it also applies those changes to each instance of the layout part throughout your site. In short, builder library is a great time saving feature and help you create consistent style across your site.

Builder Library Feature
Use Builder Library feature to reuse rows, modules and layout parts and improves productivity

Being sold as a standalone plugin, you can use the themify builder tool to customize any WordPress site no matter if site is using any of the Themify themes or not. Even if you are already using any theme (not produced by Themify) that does not come with a page builder and want the ability to create custom designs for your websites without affecting existing pages, then the Themify Builder plugin could be a right choice.

Themify Builder Plugin Compatibility
Use Themify Builder plugin with any free or premium WordPress themes in market

Themify Builder is the best WordPress page designer and builder for WordPress. The most recent major update of the builder tool brings tons of new features and improvements plus its completely renewed interface really makes it stand out from its competitors.

You can find out more about this plugin and download free themify builder plugin for unlimited use.

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Post Type Builder (PTB Plugin)

Post Type Builder Plugin
Custom Post Type Builder for WordPress

The Post Type Builder plugin has been created to help you create custom post types with ease. It allows you to create unlimited custom post types, taxonomies, post fields and page templates with the help of its intuitive drag and drop backend interface and without any coding knowledge.

Themify Post Type Builder
A most powerful and user-friendly WordPress form builder for custom post types

WordPress comes with two main content types: posts and page. These two content types well satisfy the need of any blogger. To make WordPress a robust content management system, you need an ability to create custom content types quickly and effortlessly, however, creating a custom post types and templates in WordPress isn’t so easy as you need to have a good understanding of WordPress system with some coding background. Luckily, the Post Type Builder plugin simplifies the way you create custom content types for WordPress without worrying about all the technical stuffs.

Once Post Type Builder is installed, you can immediately start creating a custom post type in your WordPress site. Through PTB form editor, you can easily add any custom post type as well as inherit the standard post features such as title, content editor, featured image, categories, tags, excerpt etc.

Creating a Custom Post Type
An example of how to create a custom post type called Themes using Themify Post Type Builder

The Post Type Builder also gives you an ability to create custom taxonomy and link it to one or more custom post types for reusability. This is a great way to organize your content and group your posts together and allows you users to filter the posts based on taxonomy selection.

Creating a Custom Taxonomy
An example of how to create a custom taxonomy for post type Themes

In addition to all of these, you also get a MetaBox builder which allows you to create meta data for the custom post type. Using Meta Box Builder gives you the ability to add unlimited input fields (text, textarea, radio button, checkbox, dropdown select, image, and link) to your post type in a very simple and intuitive away. There is no restriction on how many fields you can add to it.

Adding Meta Fields to Custom Post Type
An example of how to add input fields to Custom Post Type

Themify Post Type Builder comes with an intuitive drag and drop builder interface for creating templates for your custom post type. Unlike themify builder where you can at any time switch between back-end and front-end visual editor, Themify has kept the PTB builder simple and easy-to-use with only back-end editing option available. Each custom post type created using Post Type Builder will have two templates; one for archive page and other for single post content.

  • Archive: This archive template defines the layout of how your custom posts would appear when viewed on archive or list page. When creating a template in builder, you only see the standard features, meta fields, and taxonomies associated with the post type for which you are designing the archive layout.
  • Single: PTB Builder also includes the ability to design single post template for custom post type without doing any coding whatsoever. This represents how the content of a custom post will appear when viewed on single page.
Custom Post Type for Coupon Listing
Creating a custom post type for property listing site using Post Type Builder plugin for WordPress

Other features of the Post Type Builder plugin include the ability to create multilingual custom post types, import/export the complete post type along with taxonomies and templates, lightbox display for custom posts, post filter that allows end users to filter the custom posts by its categories, and a shortcode generator for custom posts to display anywhere on the site.

The Post Type Builder plugin also has a some powerful addons that lets you extend its built-in functionalities and gives you the flexibility to create any kind of custom post type for any purpose, like property listing, movie listing and reviews, online shop, and more.

Post Type Builder Addons
Add extra functionality to Post Type Builder with using PTB addons

You can find out more about this plugin in our hands-on Themify Post Type Builder review.

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Announcement Bar

Themify Announcement Bar Plugin
A WordPress Plugin for Displaying Announcements on WordPress site

Whether you own a personal blog, online shop or a business website, you always need a quick way to announce something important to your audience. Be it your newly published article or a new product launch, notifying your visitors at the right time has many benefits. Announcement Bar WordPress plugin can help you display announcements such as news, events, updates, or promos to your website audiences to grab their attention. It’s very easy to use and you can schedule and automate the announcements for any specified time period.

Announcement Bar display example
Example of a list of announcements created with Announcement Bar

After activating the plugin, go to Announcements » Add New. Next enter the title and description, and click on a Publish button. Refresh your website’s page and you should immediately notice that the announcement bar is displayed at the top of your site. Additionally, you can enter start and end time, link for the announcement title, and call-to-action button.

What’s so unique about this plugin is its ability to create expandable notifications by adding ‘More’ tag on your announcements to show or hide some extra content without a page redirect. Another benefit of Announcement Bar plugin is its integrated themify builder tool which allows you to create even complex content for your announcement using elements such as images, emoticons, tabs, tables, accordions, grid etc. You can even add shortcode to generate dynamic content for your notifications such as putting email optin form with offer which can significantly increase your email signups rate upto 200% or more. Isn’t it cool?

Announcement Bar expandable notification
With Announcement Bar you can create an expandable announcement to show some extra announcement information

The plugin allows you to schedule announcements in two ways. You can use the scheduling feature on the announcement post to set start and end the announcement at a particular time and date. Another way of scheduling is when you have a group of appointments which needs to be shown during specified time and in this case, you can use scheduling feature under global settings of the Announcement Bar plugin.

Announcement Bar Scheduling Announcements
Announcement Bar makes it easy to schedule the announcements to show them at exactly the right time and for the duration you need

Announcement Bar is customizable in its appearance and includes a list of premade design presets to customize the look and feel of the announcements and match it with your website’s style. Not just that, it’s also customizable in terms of where it lives on your website. You can display announcements as a sickly bar on top or bottom of the posts or pages, on sidebar, or anywhere using shortcode.

Announcement Bar display settings
Customize the appearance of the Announcement Bar display using premade design presets or use your own custom style

The Announcement Bar plugin also includes two cool features, slider and pager. It adds a smooth slider with auto play feature to the announcement bar display with sliding effects like slide, fade or continuous. And pager allows your visitors to quickly navigate through the announcements on your website.

Announcement Bar Slider and Pager
An example of announcements with slider and pager feature

Announcement Bar is a quick and easy way to make important announcements to your website visitors. It’s compatible with all Themify themes as well works with other WordPress themes. It also works flawlessly with other major plugins such as WooCommerce, newsletter plugins and more.

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Themify Support

Whether you need an answer to your pre-sales query or any technical problem, themify offers a professional support through multiple channels. For general or any account/billing related inquires, you can write them directly via contact form. However, for any technical related queries, it’s advisable that you visit themify support forum and raise a ticket to get a timely response to your questions and concerns from their support team.

Themify’s dynamic support forum helps customers get quick access to thousands of questions already answered. The forum is not just limited between existing customers and support staff but it also allows customers to communicate with each other by posting messages and answering queries.

Themify Support Forum
Support Forum has answers to all your questions, general, technical, pre-sales and everything else

And the best part is that you have life time access to the forum even after your membership has expired.

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Themify Pricing

Themify currently is offering three different pricing plans to its customers as explained below.

  • Individual Theme Plan: Buy Any Theme for $49 and Get 1 Extra Free Theme including 1 Year Support and Theme updates
  • Master Club Plan: 42 Themes with Photoshop Files + 12 Plugins + 25 Builder addons + 5 PTB addons for $89 including new themes, addons & plugins with one-year support & updates
  • Lifetime Club Plan: 42 Themes with Photoshop Files + 12 Plugins + 25 Builder addons + 5 PTB addons for $249 including new themes, addons & plugins with lifetime free support & updates

Unlike some of its competitors, Themify puts no restrictions on usage of its products that means you can use their themes and/or plugins on as many sites as you want, no matter if it’s for personal or commercial work. As long as you’re a member of Themify with a valid membership, you would receive unlimited access to theme updates and support until your membership expires.

You can try premium themes for up to 30 days and in case you’re not happy or mistakenly purchased a wrong plan and wants to upgrade, you can cancel your existing plan within 30 days to get a full refund, upgrade to a higher plan.


Themify has a great collection of WordPress themes ideal for small businesses and bloggers. All their themes come with powerful page builder that allows you to create amazing web pages using its drag and drop interface. They also have some useful plugins in their portfolio like PTB Builder and Announcement Bar plugins.

The page builder is one thing I liked the most when working with their flagship theme ultra and post type builder plugin.

Overall, looking at the pricing, I think they have priced their products fairly and to make the most of their products, their Master Club membership plan is well worth the investment.

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