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naresh patel, founder of

Oh hi there, I’m Naresh!

I’m a programming geek and solutions architect by profession. I have worked in the IT industry for 16 years, mainly for sectors such as banking, finance and telecom.

But at some point, in my professional career, I started to develop some interests in writing and blogging about things that I truly enjoy sharing with others… and that’s when I had this project…

I learned from my mistakes. I now blog quite often, and share my experience to help you learn as a blogger.

Is blogging a tough job? I want to share my experience with you.

After some time I thought of stopping it. I am not saying this to discourage you, but this has happened a few times. But, the main reason for this was that I was not able to publish unique and fresh content regularly.

But I couldn’t give up so easily. I gradually realized that it was one of my hobbies and I started devoting more time to writing and brainstorming content. Sharing what I learn gives me great pleasure and it is this feeling that attracted me to blogging.

Below content will help you
get started quickly … ,

  • 1. Pick a Blog Niche (that’s Profitable)

    Research your blogging niche well to ensure that it is profitable and retains your interest …

  • 2. Setup Your Blogging Platform

    Realize the pros and cons of the blogging platform before choosing the one for your blog site …

  • 3. Design Your Blog

    Give your blog the experience that users will really enjoy while reading your blog …

  • 4. Extend Your Blog

    Complement your blog with more features on your blog as you grow over time with ease of use …

  • 5. Fuel Your Blog with Rich Content

    Share unique and engaging content that brings value to your blog readers …

  • 6. Promote Your Blog

    Adopt the best marketing practices that can help you promote and grow your blog …

Let’s go through the steps in more detail … 👉 click here

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