How to Add Sticky Widget or Floating Sidebar in WordPress

Sidebar though featuring secondary content is a crucial element for any blog or website facilitating blog’s efficiency and conversions. It serve as incredibly valuable space on your blog or website, and when utilized to its full-potential, it can certainly help you in achieving business goals.

For active engagement, Sticky or floating widget are the best as it make your sidebar content float as you scroll down page holding the attention of the visitor. You can experience this sticky widget while scrolling down this blog page and so can get first hand feel of the widget and its possibilities. This helps us to grab visitor’s attention and increase our change to maximize our click through rate.

The sticky or floating sidebar tend to have a higher click through rate (CTR) and therefore helps you increase conversion rate, and generate more leads. Primary goal of the sticky widget, which you may have seen on other blogs, is to increase you email list and use for blog subscription. However, you can use sticky widget for product promotion or solutions, lead generation, social media or fan list building, ad placement or anything else to grab visitors attention and brings value to website readers.

In this post, I have shared two popular and mainly used Sticky Sidebar Plugins that I have come across recently for own use and am sure it will help you increase your conversion using floating widget of sidebar.

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Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

This is the best (and only) available Sticky WordPress plugin on website provides ability to fix the positioning of the selected widgets of sidebar when page is scrolled down or up. It’s a free plugin that we use for floating content and works perfectly on our website.

Number of active install is evidence of its popularity not just because it’s the only available plugin to make sticky widget but also due to zero configuration.


Once you install and activate this plugin, you will notice a checkbox (Fixed widget) appearing at the bottom of the widget allowing you to make the widget fixed or floating simply by checking this checkbox. This allows content of sticky widget to be always in sight when page is scrolled down or up.

The plugin gives you the ability to fix or stick one or more widgets however there is no limit and you can fix as many widgets located in different sidebar with zero efforts. It’s also suggested to make the last widgets fix to avoid overlapping the content with other widgets on your website sidebar.


The plugin comes with very minimal but yet useful (optional) configuration screen. You can easily edit the settings from Appearance > Fixed widget options, and make changes.

Sometimes, your website’s footer may have large content featuring posts, links, videos, social notifications and fixed widget can overlap the content. To avoid the problem of overlapping, you can add the height of your footer in “Margin Bottom” under General Options. This will ensure the important content placed in footer are always visible to the users and not overlapped by sticky widget content. The plugin works perfectly on responsive WordPress themes and there’s even a way to disable it on mobile devices, which is very handy option. When sticky widget are disabled for mobile device, the widget will still appear as normal but will not fix or stick on screen while scrolling the page.

Visit Plugin View Demo

Key note: Though this plugin works with most of the themes and frameworks however, there are exceptions and compatibility issues as listed on the WordPress website. Plus no premium support.

Theia Sticky Sidebar for WordPress

This is a premium Sticky Sidebar plugin that makes your WordPress sidebar sticky and always visible, regardless of their position and how far the user scrolls down. It comes with smooth and fluid behavior that works flawlessly even with sidebars which are taller than the screen.


The plugin is compatible with almost any WordPress theme, and works out-of-the-box for most of them. It’s easily customizable and comes with useful features and options. It also comes with very clean and easy admin interface where you can effortlessly tweak the setting to perfectly fit your WordPress theme.


The plugin gives you the flexibility to fix or stick one or more sidebars on a same or different pages simply by using the ‘Add another sidebar’ option in the admin panel of the plugin. To customize or support multiple sidebars, go to the Settings > Theia Sticky Sidebar page.

Overall, it’s a great plugin and comes with premium support to answer all your queries on-time.

You can check how fluidly this plugin works on demo page below.

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I hope you liked this article about sticky sidebar and will help you add the floating widget on your WordPress sidebar. Lastly, don’t forget to share your comments and please do share this article on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus).