5 Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress in 2021

best notification bar plugins for wordpress

Notification can be an effective way to direct a prospect or customer towards the path or action you want them to take. No matter what your end goal is, whether it is to inform the user about a promotion or to communicate on an upcoming product feature, this is probably the best way to inform them about past, present and future events.

If you are a website owner, you must have come across the question whether to choose – Popup or Notification bar? For some, it may seem that displaying popups can be annoying and intrusive as it can harm the user experience. Of course, timing is important to prevent the popups from bothering your visitors. But for some, especially for this reason, site owners prefer to use small notification bars on their website. It not only gives the end user seamless user experience but also looks more attractive and gives quick access to information.

So, adding a notification bar to your website can be a great way to grab visitors’ attention, but placing them in the most prominent section will be the key factor. You need to be careful that it does not annoy your readers and is easily visible to them. Generally, placing the notification bar at the top of your website is the most preferred and compelling way to motivate users to take the action.

In this article, we have featured the 5 best notification bar plugins to use on your WordPress website in 2021.

5 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins for 2021

Announcement Bar

wordpress announcement bar plugin to automate and schedule alerts
Automate and Schedule Alerts for WordPress Site

Announcement Bar is a highly customizable and premium notification bar plugin that is packed with tons of useful features. It’s fully responsive and retina ready that highlights your message to the visitors without any interruption.

It allows you to manage announcements on your website easily and more efficiently. You can quickly create announcements and then schedule them to appear for any specified time range.

You can even customize the look and feel of announcements using read-made design presets or using your own style and design. Not only this, you can also customize the location. It gives you the power to display the announcement as a sticky bar site-wide or use shortcodes to display announcements inside posts or pages. Plus, the built-in announcement widget can be dropped into the theme’s widget area.

Importantly, this plugin is tested against wide range of free and premium WordPress themes and really works out of the box.

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WP Notification Bar

notifications and alerts plugin for wordpress
WordPress NotificationBar Plugin to Grow your Email List and Display Marketing Promotions

WP Notification Bar plugin is a free WordPress plugin for displaying notifications and alerts on your website. It helps you craft clever, personalized and effective messages that “just work” with your audience. The plugin gives you complete control over the notification bar display. You can set up notifications for your visitors based on where they’re coming from, what page they’re viewing, and what device they’re using.

It can help you manage marketing promotions, increase your social media following or grow your audience for specific pages on your website. It can also be used to help you grow your email list. You can display a simple signup form as a notification bar at the top of your website and visitors can simply enter their email and hit the sign-up button.

Another great use of this plugin is to show a countdown timer on your website. You can use it on eCommerce website to display the beginning of an offer or a news portal to inform readers about an upcoming interview with a celebrity.

It’s a fully responsive plugin and will work with any responsive WordPress theme to maintain a great experience on any device or browser.

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WPFront Notification Bar

minimal wordpress notification bar plugin
Simple and Lightweight Notification Bar Plugin

WPFront Notification Bar is a light-weight notification bar and another free plugin that helps you display notifications on your websites. It shows a simple message at the top of the website which the user can dismiss anytime.
It even handles shortcode. So, if you want to add any element to your notification bar, you can do so easily by using a shortcode.
The plugin gives you an option to customize the look of the notification bar. You can set colors for messages, links and backgrounds. Plus, you can also set the bar (sticky) at a fixed location. And if you want to hide the bar on smaller devices, you can disable that too.
Like feature offered in most popular notification bar plugins, here you can set the start and end dates for your announcements.

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Hello Bar

hello bar wordpress plugin for alerts and notifications display
WordPress Hello Bar Plugin for Signup and Notification Bar

Hello Bar is another useful announcement bar plugin for displaying notifications on WordPress sites. It’s really easy to setup, in fact outside your WordPress sandbox and with just a few clicks, you can have the notification bar up and running in no time.

In the Hello Bar admin panel, you can quickly edit a message, define a call-to-action, and select a color preset for your announcement bar. Once you have setup the bar, there are several options for integrating it into your WordPress website. You can simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your WordPress website. However, if you really don’t want to edit the code files, just install the Hello Bar plugin and it will get the job done.

You can use this plugin for three main reasons; 1) Drive Traffic to a Page 2) Collect email addresses and 3) Promote your social network accounts.

It also gives you the ability to integrate with some well-known email clients like MailChimp to sync contacts and run email addresses.

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Top Bar

simple notification bar plugin
Simple Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress

As its name suggests, TopBar plugin is completely free and it provides the easiest way to add a simple and clean notification bar to the top of your website. If you are offering coupons and discounts to your website visitors then this plugin is a perfect option for you.

The colors are fully customizable so that you can set the style for notification bar, call-to-action, option to make the bar sticky and so on.

With Pro version, you get more features like allowing users to close the top bar, choose an initial state, add a border, set a time before the bar can appear on the screen, set bottom positioning, setting custom font and so on.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up integrating the notification bar to your website not only grab the attention of the visitors and without annoying them with frequents pop ups. Also, it looks much cleaner and pleasant.

As you would already know that there are several benefits of display custom notifications and alerts for your website readers such as to inform them about important announcement, marketing promotions, increase visitors to your lead pages, offers discounts, and more.

All these plugins discussed here are packed with unique features like customizing their appearance, animations, newsletter, social integration, countdown timer, click or impressions tracking and many more. You need to pick the one which is the right match for you depending on feature you want to add to your website.

Announcement Bar is a great option to display promotion and message at the top of your website. To analyze and track visitor’s interactions with notification bars, we would recommend Hello Bar’s split test option. And those who want to do everything and anything with their bars, the WP Notification Bar should satisfy them.

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