5 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

Notifications are extremely effective in directing visitors toward a path or action you would like them to take. Be it alerts or promotions or some business news, they can really help increase the revenue of your website.

Big sites like Amazon and Expedia have done away with most predictive and old methods of attention gaining like popups, pop-overs, overlays, banners, widgets and buttons as they have already attained the saturation point of marketing and hence become obsolete. Moreover the usage Ad blocker has negated the whole purpose of pop up marketing. They instead use small notification bars above everything else on their websites. It not only gives the end user uninterrupted access to the site with no frequent pop ups but also looks much more appealing and serene and with no chaos.

Notification bars can be a powerful way to grab the attention of the visitors so placing them in the most prominent section will catch their attention but the same time we have to be careful not to annoy our readers. Using notification bars at top of your website is the best way to grab user attention and guide them to take the action you want them to take.

In this article, we have collected some of the best notification plugins for WordPress to grab the attention of the visitors.

WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar Preview
WP Notification Bar plugin is a high quality premium notification bar plugin. It helps you craft clever, personalized and effective messages that “just work” with your audience.

The plugin gives you full control over notification bars so that you can do everything and anything that you may wish to do with them. You can setup notifications for your visitors based on where they are visiting from, what page they are viewing and what device they are using.

Plugin Features

  • HD Video Tutorial NEW
  • Unlimited Colors with 14 Elegant Pre-Designed Color Schemes
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • AB Split Test NEW
  • Multiple Notification Types like Newsletters, Discounts, Links, Text, Buttons etc.
  • Custom HTML Support
  • Show Newsletter Box
  • 40+ CSS Animations NEW
  • Custom Post Type Support NEW
  • 18 Social Services Included
  • Show only on Certain Categories NEW
  • Show Only on Mobile Devices
  • Show Only to Specific Referrers
  • Show Only to a Search Engine Visitor
  • Click/Impressions tracking NEW
  • Enhanced Tracking via Google Analytics NEW
  • Text Only Notification Bar
  • Show Twitter Feeds
  • Show Facebook Feeds
  • Change Cookie settings NEW
  • Show a Countdown Timer
  • Show a YouTube/Vimeo Video in Popup
  • Show Search Form
  • Show on Specific Posts, Pages or Custom URL
  • Exclude Specific Posts, Pages or Custom URL
  • Translation Ready
  • Fluid Responsive

Download WP Notification Bar


BugMeBar is a simple but beautiful and little annoying notification bar plugin. It adds a message to the top of the screen which a user can dismiss. You can easily setup color for message, links and transition effects.

Plugin Features

  • Set the target of where the bar will go, you can add it to anywhere you want
  • Enter the message (including HTML content)
  • Set colors for message, links and transition colours
  • Align message and close button
  • Remember close with a cookie
  • Set cookie expiry time
  • Name your cookie
  • Turn CSS3 transitions on/off
  • Turn CSS3 animations on/off
  • Use a fixed position bar so it sticks to top of the page
  • Already got a fixed header? No problem, use a fixed spacer to push existing fixed headers down
  • Set a z-index to make sure BugMeBar stays on top of everything.
  • Set a minimum display width
  • Hide the bar on the homepage or on specific categories/posts
  • Responsive and fully functional on mobile/tablet

Download BugMeBar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar Preview
Hello Bar is another very popular and widely used Notification bar plugin for WordPress. The main attraction of this plugin is its easy setup process that allows you to walk through the steps and create a notification bar in no time.

In Hello Bar’s admin panel, you can edit the message; define the call to action link, color for you bars, and background color of button.

Once the bar is setup, you get number of option to integrate into your website. You can simply copy the code and paste in on your website but if you don’t have the required knowledge of code you can install plugin which will help you to get it done with ease.

You can setup notification bars in three different ways. 1) Drive Traffic to a Page 2) Collect email addresses and 3) Promote your social network accounts.

You can integrate Hello Bar with some of the famous email clients like MailChimp to sync contacts and run email campaigns.

Download Hello Bar



FooBar is highly customizable and widely used premium notification bar plugin packed with some unique features and functionalities that you may not find in other notification bar plugins. You can display different notifications on different pages and define a default bar that will display on all your pages.

Plugin Features

  • Unlimited Foobars
  • Different Foobars Per Page
  • Rebrandable
  • Social Profiles
  • Fully Customizable
  • Include any Custom HTML or shortcodes
  • Show Latest Tweets
  • RSS feed integration
  • Inline Admin Demos
  • Built using WordPress best practices

Download Foobar

DW Promobar

DW Promobar Preview
DW Promobar is one of my favorites. If you are offering coupons and discounts to your website visitors then this plugin is a perfect option for you. The plugin comes with countdown timer to show in the bar which looks very attractive and it will keep the users informed about the time left.

All these features can be easily configured in the admin panel. It gives you full control over the entire bar from the text message, countdown timer to call to action button as well as the link.

We recommend this plugin because it covers everything you can expect in a premium notification bar plugin.

Download DW Promobar


To sum up integrating the notification bar at top of you website not only grab the attention of the visitors but also give them an option without annoying them with frequents pop ups. Also it looks much cleaner and pleasant.

All these plugins are packed with unique features like customizing their appearance, custom HTML support, animations, newsletter, social integration, countdown timer, click or impressions tracking and many more. You need to pick the one which is the right match for you depending on feature you want to add to your website.

DW Promobar is a great option to display promotion and message at the top of your website. To analyze and track visitor’s interactions with notification bars, we would recommend Hello Bar’s split test option. And those who want to do everything and anything with their bars, the WP Notification Bar should satisfy them.