Survicate Review: Fastest Way to Collect User Feedback

Most researchers from businesses, whether they are entrepreneur, small to medium size company or large enterprise, run surveys periodically to gather the feedbacks and analyze the data for better decision making for betterment of their business.

It’s either a really bad or great experience that make customers to share their feedback and the majority of them remain silent when their experience falls in middle and this silent majority that drives success or failure of a business.

Collecting customer feedback helps to know what customers really want and doing what users want make them happy and feel wanted. Happy customer mean more business. What customer expect from the company when they share feedback is not a system generated mail or a standard reply but a solid action and this action will bring users back who else would have never looked back at your product. Customer being the bottom line of any business and by feedback the goal is to find the pain areas and not the results.

In this post, we will discuss a plugin called Survicate WordPress Plugin which is a comprehensive plugin for feedback management and surveys that offers you tons of features and has a proven track record.

Overview of Survicate

To put it in simple a word Survicate is a platform to collect the feedback from website visitors by running survey. It allows you to run survey for specific groups of visitors to discover who they are and what they are looking for. It enables you to generate high quality leads as the engaged friendly widget ask users questions making sales team work easier.

Survicate helps business and website owners identify latest market trend, behavior and more by simply running short surveys and gather customer feedback about the website products and services. It’s the best tool to identify the friction points and objections and understand what customers want and suggest exciting offers based on discovered needs and purchasing factors.

Why and how frequently should I run Surveys?

Any business whether offline or online, whether ecommerce site or just a blogging, collecting customer feedback is important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience.

Let’s take one example of an ecommerce site, say you want to understand the user experience like how easy it is to place an order for users. Running a survey after user checkout and make the purchase would be ideal way to collect the feedback and further improve your services. You can also run a survey for creating awareness about your newly launched product

Here are some of the basic surveys you must consider for your website.

  1. Find out why visitors are leaving your website without completing actions you expect from them
  2. Ask what users think about your product and improvement they want in it
  3. Offer instant discount on your product to groups of visitors from a particular geography
  4. Survey on launch on a new product or service you’re offering

Decision for running surveys completely depends on the kind of survey you’re planning to run. If you decide to run a survey to improve the employee engagement then you would ideally go for yearly pulse survey or twice in a year depending on the size of your organization.

Frequently running surveys is not an ideal for new business as the traffic will be low and it would cost you money, and incorrect survey launch timing can decrease the percentage of people who respond to your survey. So the ideal thing will be to extend the survey period from 1 week to 2 weeks or 1 month as the number of traffic will be very less or run and collect feedback for longer period when you don’t know when the right people will be around.

Top Features

  • Target insight survey, Analysis & Reporting
  • Advanced analytics & Segments targeting
  • Exit intent & Call to Action
  • Customization
  • Template Library

Integrating with WordPress

You can get started with Survicate in a few second simply by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Plugins menu in WordPress
  2. Search for Survicate
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Settings -> Survicate
  5. Add your WordPress Installation Code

Your can locate the installation code by following the link here.

Survicate Dashboard

Survicate Dashboard
Survicate comes with clean and organized dashboard. It offers pre-defined set of templates which you can use to run survey in no-time. It comes with great flexibility to restructure the template as per your need. If none of the templates meet your requirement then you can design you own survey with ease from scratch.

You can add a new survey or edit an existing survey. Choose from variety of surveys to collect feedback from your website visitors. Run simple survey with just single choice question with multiple options or complex survey with multiple choice question to select the best possible answers out of the choices from a list and all with easy to use drag and drop features within the dashboard.

The best part about the dashboard is that it gives you a very convenient way to visualize the data gathered by surveys without any need of navigation unless you want detailed analysis. Also, it comes with a powerful reporting module to analyze the answers and generate detailed reports. You can also export the data collated by surveys into third party systems for further analysis.

Just to tell how easy it’s to work with Survicate, will go and add a new survey for our newly launched product Dynamo. The survey will help us to find out if visitors have downloaded the app to segment them on users and non-users. Simply click on add New Widget. As we are targeting returning visitors whether they have experienced our product or not, will choose an existing template ‘Download of Application’ and then click on Add Widget.

All the surveys have four tabs as described below as described in the sequence below.

1. Questions

Survicate Dashboard - Questions
Survey can be simple or complex depending on the requirements. Our survey comprises of mainly three questions. First, ask visitors are they aware of our newly launched product. Second, redirect new users to the product for more information about the product. Third, acknowledgements for participating in survey simply by saying thank you!

2. Design

Survicate Dashboard - Design
Choose the appearance of the survey on Design tab. Configure widget position, look and feel, background, fonts etc.

3. Settings

Survicate Dashboard - Settings
Choose segments of visitors, pages to display the survey on, moment and frequency like how frequently the survey will appear.

4. Launch

Survicate Dashboard - Launch
Specify survey name and description. Manually activate the survey, or schedule it for future date. There is also an option to send reports to your email address.

You have easy access to the survey menu to view survey answers, edit, preview survey, export to CSV and more. Also preview the survey within dashboard or on your website to see how good it can fit into your website.


Survicate offers various plans as per your needs. You can start with free basic plan with some obvious limitation and later migrate to business or enterprise as your business grows.

With free plan, you can analyze 50 responses a month for free and upgrade anytime to access all the features.

Ideal for evaluation and personal use. For businesses looking for actionable visitors insights Best value and an ultimate solution for professionals. The most advanced Voice of Customer solution.
$0 per month $50 per month $100 per month $300 per month
50 responses a month 1000 responses a month 5000 responses a month Unlimited responses
Easy reporting Custom design Unlimited users Unlimited domains
Survey Templates Visitors’ targeting Advanced analytics Unlimited features
Exit intent survey Lead generation tools White label API access

Final Word

Easy to use, well designed and the fastest way to collect feedback. Great tool for capturing valuable feedback straight from visitors and analyzing data to turn into priceless knowledge for the company helping to strengthen relation with potential customers. Easily identify the areas of improvements and increase the conversion rates of your website. It provides different customized business plans as per your needs and budget and is a great value for money tool. All in all it’s definitely worth to try to increase conversion rates and know your users.

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