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Why Dynamo?

Be you a developer or a freelancer, you may have experienced some difficulties setting up the content for your WordPress blogs. A normal user spends about 3-4 minutes of his time in publishing every new article including content formatting, setting up featured image, entering tags & categories etc. Now as long as the number of posts are limited (approximately 15-20 posts) per day its fine. But problem arises in a scenario of an active blogger who need to upload higher number of posts (approximately 50+ posts) per day this task will become melancholic, tiring, repetitive, time consuming and nonproductive.

Like many others, we too had experience this problem and to overcome it we came up with this amazing tool Dynamo. It’s a powerful and accurate content generation utility for WordPress blogs. You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly.

Work Offline

No Internet Needed for Dynamo. Generate content offline and import data into WordPress later on.


Engage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to generate content with just one click.


Turn your data sources (Excel, CSV, or XML) into WordPress database instantly using a powerful and accurate WordPress content generation utility.

WXR Splitter

Split Large Data file into smaller chunks (WXRs) for Easy Import of blog content.

Content Generation Made Easy

Make your external sources (Excel, CSV, XML) your WordPress database – no coding required!
Everything is done offline. No need to connect your Live site!


Data for Business Needs

No matter what purpose your website serves, you can generate data that suits your business needs.


Suitable for all Types of Users

Whether you’re a professional developer or a normal user, Dynamo is a universal solution that helps you build the content for your website quickly and efficiently.

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