Create a Blog with FastComet in 10 Minutes

setup a blog with fastcomet (quick guide)

Blogging is a truly rewarding experience; it’s not just to pen down your thoughts but a great platform to connect to a larger like-minded audience and double up as a great mentor for a few looking out for help. Write a great post, and readers will find it compelling, churn out the same old opinions, and you will get lost in the ocean.

There exist many blogging platforms and some are really excellent to blog on:,, and These powerful blogging and content management systems can help you start a blog and they offer plenty of resources to get you started in no-time.

But if you are super serious about your idea of blogging, then besides writing good blog posts, you will eventually need to take control of your own content.

There are tons of benefits of controlling your content. Firstly, you own the blog so no one censors you except for yourself; secondly, you have total control over your website and can customize to make it look a greatly designed blog that does things of attracting readers; lastly, monetizing your website without any restrictions.

Setup a Blog with FastComet in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Register a Domain

A domain name is really vital and it’s how people find you online. You need a good domain name if you want to stand out from the crowd. Normally, a short and memorable domain name helps build your brand, establish your successful web presence, and generate more traffic to your blog.

Finding the right domain name for your blog can be very difficult. With hundreds of millions of domains already registered, you may find it no easier than hunting for gemstone in mine. But there are many online tools that can help you find a suitable name for your blog site, namely,,, etc.

Naming a domain is really hard, especially if it needs to be unique. Think up something, scribble down all the name ideas and also try different combinations to find the unique, memorable names like or

Indeed, there are many domain registrars are out there to register your blog domain, and some offer domain registration services at very competitive prices, like, GoDaddy and NameCheap. But, if you buy any hosting package from FastComet, you are entitled to a lifetime free domain with no renewal charges.

fastcomet register domain

Another benefit of registering your domain with a web hosting company is that the hosting provider takes care of configuring your domain to the correct hosting and many other important aspects of domain management. This means you have everything configured so that you can focus entirely on your website right away.

Register your domain free for a duration as long as your hosting package validity. Before the duration is up, you will need to renew your hosting package to keep using the free domain.

Step 2: Choosing a Web Host

The second step in the blogging process is to look for a hosting space where all of your content can live. You can think of it as a storage for all your text, images, and videos which derives as a result of the hard work you put in.

When it comes to hosting options, FastComet offers various hosting packages, including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. The shared hosting means your website will be sharing the resources among other hosted websites. But that does not mean that your website security is compromised, because with a shared hosting plan you get free services for virus scan and malware removal, spam-free mail, and firewall to protect your WordPress website from all known security threats.

As a blogger, especially when you are going to start a new blog, you really don’t need all the benefits of a dedicated server or VPS resources, which is why shared hosting works well for the beginners. But FastComet’s most popular and managed WordPress hosting plan has a lot to offer. It comes with a lot of essential features at no additional costs – Free Domain Lifetime, High-Speed SSD Only servers, Let’s Encrypt Free SSL, Cloudflare Free CDN Caching, SpamExperts, Web Application Firewall, Malware Removal, Free Daily Backups. And best of all, they offer flat renewal price, no sneaky surprise.

fastcomet wordpress hosting

FastComet’s hosting plans come with SSD the only cloud hosting for better performance and unlimited email addresses. You’ll also find that they include a drag-n-drop website builder so you can build your own site without the help of a web designer.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

Amazingly, you own a domain of your choice! That is awesome! Now it’s time to get your blog site up and running.

Once you have signed up for the hosting plan, FastComet will send you a welcome email containing your newly setup hosting account information along with cPanel credentials, server details, and temporary FTP logon to uploading your existing website.

There are lots of blogging tools, but WordPress is simply the most popular option and widely used for creating websites.

Quickly log into cPanel by following the instructions in the email that FastComet has sent you.

Search for “Softaculous” in cPanel and click on it.

fastcomet wp installer

Next, once the Softaculous App Installer is added, click on it and search for “WordPress”.

fastcomet wordpress

Fill out the WordPress configuration form by following the on-screen instructions. When you are ready and click on the Install WordPress button to finish setting up your website.

That’s it! You have set up an awesome website. All you need to do now is think of a topic for your first blog post, write it down, and publish it for your readers.

I hope you find this post on starting a blog very useful. Best of luck and enjoy your blogging journey. And let us know via comment below if you have any questions about setting up your WordPress blog.

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