Boost up your productivity with new Divi 2.5

Divi 2.5 is out with some really great features that gives you superior user experience with high levels of customization. One of the big focuses in Divi 2.5 was to make the process quick and easy for users to produce smarter work and remove unnecessary tedium from the building process. Divi 2.5 is the latest release from Elegant Themes, designed to create beautiful WordPress websites quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.

Divi is used by business worldwide, offering modern features, high flexibility and multipurposeness making this product suitable for any kind of website creation, be it a business or portfolio or just a simple blog. Divi 2.5 is the latest enhanced version built with sole aim to make it more productive and less time consuming. With such unique and impressive features; Divi stand out from the crowd and tops our list of themes may what be the purpose. And the regular update is like icing on the cake which further substantiate our choice.

New Right Click Controls

Divi 2.5 is the latest enhanced version built with sole aim to make it more productive and less time consuming. And with new feature that offers the ability to right click modules to perform different actions proves it much more productive. This new feature is a huge time saver when working with Divi.

With Divi 2.5, you can perform actions like locking, copying and pasting in just one right-click that will save you a lot of time working with Divi builder. But if you’re not a fan of right-clicking, hotkey commands are included too.


Revision System

Divi 2.5 comes with a brand new session based revision system giving you the ability to undo and redo any action you take inside the Divi builder. You can go back and forth through time to retrieve any history state created during your current editing session. For example, if you delete a section unintentionally, just undo and it will insert it again. If you change your mind, you can redo too! If you want to scrap the alterations you have been working on for the past 10 minutes, just open up the new history panel and click back to your preferred state.


Divi Role Editor

Divi Role Editor is another great feature of Divi 2.5 giving you an ability to control functionality within the Divi builder for your clients. If you are building a website for your client and at the same time you want your client to check the changes as you go on editing, this feature helps you to restrict the editing for your client in order to preserve the changes. You can control what types of actions can be taken by their clients within the Divi Builder with this new feature.


Live Preview

In Divi 2.5, live preview are now available within Divi builder to preview the changes you make while editing your site. This is another cool feature introduced in Divi 2.5. In earlier versions, you had to save the changes and then view it in front-end to know how it but now with this new feature you can preview the changes in one-click to get a clear look at the edits you are making, instead of having to save your changes and preview them on the front-end.


Disable Content

Within Divi’s right click settings, there is an option called “Disable”. You can quickly disable any module, row or section using this feature and the item will be removed from the page on the front-end of the website. That does not mean that the item no longer exists. It still remains available in the Divi builder interface is disabled form.

To help you easily identify the items that are currently disabled, Divi builder sets disabled items opacity to lower value.


Limit Divi Builder Actions

You can do a lot with the Divi builder, and with all the improvements and newly added features, the builder has reached to a stage where everything is fine tuned and organized perfectly.

Limiting builder action is another great feature added to the Divi builder. Imagine a situation where you spent lot of time creating stunning layouts for your client’s website, you may not want to lose all your hardwork just because your client accidently deletes any module or row or section of the layout. Within Divi builder, you can easily configure what changes your client can do and what he can’t. You can allow your clients to edit modules, and disallow them from even adding new modules or accidentally deleting them. In fact, you might not want to allow them to use the Divi Builder at all if you are not confident that your client will be able to use it effectively.


Moreover, you can even control what type of module settings your clients are allowed to change. This really makes developers life much easier. You can just allow your clients to edit content and disable the advance settings and custom css options for them.


Restrict Uses of Modules

With Divi 2.5, you can configure what types of modules are available to your client to add to their pages. If you think some modules are not in use and complicated in nature then it’s a good practice to disable them so that your client do not mess up with them.

Easy quite easy to enable or disable any of the module with just one-click.


Divi Library

The Divi Theme includes the Divi Library, which is a place to collect your templates, and most successful designs. You can save elements of your designs here, and reuse them later, even on other projects.

Final Verdict

Apart from the features mentioned above, the entire team behind the Divi product has worked hard to add more than 50 additional improvements and bug fixes which make the Divi absolutely perfect and much more stable than older version.

ElegantTheme is one of the growing MarketPlaces and Divi is the smartest and most flexible theme in their collection. The Divi powers thousands of business sites globally, with over 290,000 WordPress users signing up as Elegant Themes members. Thousands of business websites wordwide are powered by Divi with more than 290,000 users already signed up as Elegant Themes members.

To download Divi 2.5, simply signup for ElegantThemes membership and get access to Divi plus 87 more amazing themes for the price of one.

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