12 Most Probable 2018 Web Design Trends: Space Odyssey Infographics

Web design trends prove the dynamic nature of this sphere and don’t let web designers get bored. There are always new technologies and approaches to master. There’s always something that is new and keeps the audience interested. This post and infographics predict web design trends that’re expected to take floor next year and bring innovative businesses to prominence.

This list of web design trends is based on the vast expertise of TemplateMonster Marketplace design team. They’ve kept a watchful eye on web design trends for years and clearly discern hypes from the trends that make an impact. They’ve already started incorporating new web design trends to their premium WordPress themes. So, you can check out their collection to see how the trends find a winning implementation.

Among these 12 trends, you’ll find the ones that kind of define the direction of web design flux. They point out the vast opportunity fields, the active exploration of which is in progress. Advancements in AI, virtual reality and new technologies start influencing web design and affecting the way modern websites look. On the other hand, other trends pertain to website design directly and teach you the new ways to beautify your website and boost its UX.

So are you ready to discover the trends that’ll change the façade of web presence in 2018? Let’s start our space journey!

Design Trends 2018

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning is the AI algorithm that’s actively tapping into mainstream. For example, it lets Facebook ‘get to know’ its users and automatically bring you the information that you’re most likely to ‘like’, based on your location, browsing habits and preferences. Next year, AI is predicted to get even smarter than ever and deliver personalized content even more effectively across the web.


Chatbots populate modern messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Skype and WeChat. More chatbots are expected to be born next year. This new technology proves effective in boosting sales as it makes shopping process similar to a Q&A conversation. Bots discern keywords in user’s requests, effectively suggest relevant products/content and help users finalize the purchase. Now this technology has hit the mainstream and is actively evolving. So, if you want to boost sales in 2018, consider powering a chatbot.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP takes your communication with a conversational bot up a notch. Natural Language Processing lets bots understand what user is saying in natural language. With an NLP bot, you can currently have a pretty decent conversation. They’ll even get through your grammar and syntax mistakes. When NLP is combined with machine learning, boats can learn customer preferences over time and offer personalized approaches, which is very effective.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Both websites and mobile apps have certain advantages. Bringing the better sides of these two together is what gave rise to Progressive Web Apps. Similarly to websites, PWAs can be accessed by entering a URL in a browser tab. No app downloading is needed. What’s more, search engines crawl the content of PWAs, which boosts its discoverability. On the other hand, PWAs are as simple and fast-performing as mobile apps. They deliver great UX, and can be saved to users’ home screens. So, if you want to really take your web presence up a notch next year, consider jumping on this trend.

Seamless interactions

Seamless interactions are the ones that happen without reloading the page. For example, you can see an item added to the shopping card without the page reloading automatically. This technology is a great time saver and impressively boosts the UX on your website. So, expect it to become a must-have next year.

Scroll Triggered Animations

As the name suggests, scroll triggered animations are enabled when users scroll down the page. They effectively improve user engagement, emphasize conversion points and improve the quality of user’s journey on your website. If you hit the happy medium in keeping scroll triggered animations both minimal and capturing, you’ll see the bounce rate of your website decrease and your website’s conversion rate grow.

Virtual Reality

VR is the legendary technology that’s finally tapping into the mainstream. Being that powerful, it strongly influences web design and pushes web experiences towards being more engaging, immersive and personal. Next year, you’ll see web designers actively incorporating such VR-inspired experiences as 3D-effects and interactive particle backgrounds. No doubt, this trend will rock, as many services for adding VR flair to your website are now available (e.g. A-frame, PlayCanvas, SketchLab, Visor, etc.)

Internet of Things

The concept of IoT suggests that the life of modern people will be increasingly accompanied by devices, home appliances and gadgets that are interconnected on Internet (e.g. smart light bulbs, apps to find keys, security cameras, etc.) This means that synchronization over the web and incorporation of smart devices gain power. Expect to see a wider embracement of smart devices next year and be ready to be among the first to prioritize delivering IoT experiences.


Our embracement of digital technologies grows exponentially. The more we rely on them, the more we can suffer from malicious hacker attacks and security breaches. Next year, the security standards of World Wide Web will grow. To keep up with the times, update your website’s security certificate to SSL. Seeing HTTPS instead of HTTP becomes one of the major trust symbols that influence your conversion rate more and more.

File Extensions

In the past, graphic files came in multiple formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. None of them was an onsite solution. So, all of them were employed for different purposes with the extension mess coming along. Next year, SVG will become the file format that supplants all the others. SVG graphic files are scalable and deliver the optimal image quality on different screen resolutions.

Typographic Explosion

Are you already sick of ‘big and bold’ typography trend? In 2018, you can be more creative with the typographic explosion that frees you from limitations. You can go both for serifs and sans serifs, custom word arts, creative highlighting, text/image overlays, etc. What’s more, the scalability of the fonts improved over time. So, no matter what typography choices you make next year, they won’t harm your performance.


Cinemagraphs trend doesn’t seem to face a decline. It’s taking a new spin with improved engagement and visual impact. It’s no more a single detail of the cinemagraph that moves, it’s the whole image that changes dynamically. For example, if you go for a 360-degree product preview or spinning imagery, you’ll get the much-deserved kudos in 2018.

Launching 2018 Trends!

Now, you know what the trends to follow in the current year. Incorporate a couple of them to the redesign of your website, and it’ll definitely rock. We hope that in 2018, you stay on the verge of web design evolution and build a sound client base with your web presence.

We wish you good luck and success this New Year!