10 Best Unbounce Templates For 2018

If you’re serious about making it to the top on the web, you’ve got to care about your website and campaign conversion. It’s common knowledge that one of the best platforms to impactfully increase the conversion rate of your website is Unbounce.com. We’re here today to bring you the 10 best templates that were created for this platform in 2018.

What’s Unbounce?

Unbounce emerged back in 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then, this unique conversion-oriented platform has spread around the world and conquered the hearts of many. Currently, Unbounce is available across Northern and Southern America, in Europe and Australia. They offer landing page hosting and design services, as well as bring you a broad collection of high-converting popups and sticky bars.

Why Do I Need an Unbounce Theme?

If you want to power a striking Unbounce landing page, you don’t have to wreck your brain and dig into designing it yourself. There’s a less painful way to power a statement-making Unbounce landing page – you can simply power it with a present-day Unbounce template. Each Unbounce template brings you a rich collection of imagery, conversion-centered CTAs and buttons, stylish design and way more. With such a template, your Unbounce website will be impeccable and drive your business or campaign to impressive results.

Where Can I Find Top Unbound Themes On the Web?

There’s a number of template providers that offer Unbounce themes. However, the products offered differ in quality and pricing. If you need a new-gen, responsive and feature-rich Unbounce template, you’d better drop by the largest time-tested online template markets. Among them, it’s TemplateMonster that’s renowned for the top-notch Unbounce themes they offer. You’ll find the 10 best of them below. If you want to see some more themes, do not hesitate to check out the complete collection of Unbounce templates in their market.

Checking out the themes below, you’ve got a chance to inspect their UIs in depth. For this, use the ‘Live Demo’ buttons that you’ll easily locate below the screenshots. It’s time to depart on our Unbounce journey, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s get started!

Lawyer: Attorney Unbounce Theme

Lawyer - Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

Are you eager to power an Unbounce one-pager for legal advice and attorney services? The Layer theme will meet-and-greet your audience with classic UI, enhanced with animated counters, custom icons, conversion-optimized CTAs and much more. Moreover, the template ensures that every visitor will find their way to get in touch with you by providing your full contact details, featuring a number of social buttons and offering users to simply fill out the contact form on the webpage.

Luxury House: Real Estate Unbounce Template

Real-Estate Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

Are you after powering a fresh and clean landing page for your real estate business? That becomes a non-issue with Luxury House theme, designed with the latest web design standards in mind. The template is fully responsive, flexible and easy-to-use so that you can jump-start your web presence in a matter of minutes!

Food Connoisseur: Restaurant Unbounce Website

Restaurant Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

This delectable and elegant landing page would be ideal for restaurants that serve European cuisine. It features mouth-watering imagery that’s coupled with memorable hand-drawn UI elements, circular image thumbnails and impressive Parallax scrolling. Thanks to the Menu section featured, you’ll get a chance to present your dishes online and drive even more visitors to your place.

Traveler: Traveling Unbounce Site

Traveler Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

This theme features one of the most impressive 2018 Unbounce designs for the travel industry. It opens with an immersive hero image, under which users will find the ‘Search Your Tour’ bar. What’s more, this theme gives you a chance to neatly showcase all the services you offer, present top destinations and power a borderless perfect-looking Gallery section.

Evento: Concerts & Events Unbounce Design

Evento - Concert Events Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

Evento is an ultimately modern, stylish and minimal concert/event one-pager, crafted for a crowds-driving presentation of your event, party, conference, etc. The clean theme’s UI is easy to customize with the Unbounce Landing Page Builder. What’s more, Evento is meticulously documented and requires no coding skills for its customization.

Dear Pets: Pet Care Unbounce Theme

Pet Care Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

Let your genuine love for pets shine through, with this admirable and uplifting Unbounce template. It is designed for pet care companies, veterinary clinics, pet shops, etc. Customizing this well-coded theme you won’t meet any complications on your way.

ReadIt: E-book Unbounce Template

E-book Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

ReadIt is a modern and engaging e-book one-pager template that features a number of animated elements and highly effective CTAs. The template brings you a handy newsletter subscription form that provides for successful lead generation. What’s more, the responsiveness of this theme comes without saying and will completely satisfy your needs.

Serenity: Yoga Unbounce Website

Yoga Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

Minimalist designs with pink highlights rock this year, and this template easily fits the mold. Its modern design helps your website attract and engage. Thanks to the sound cross-browser compatible template base, your website will display equally appealing in all modern popular browsers.

CoffeePoint: Cafeteria Multipurpose Unbounce Design

Cafeteria Multipurpose Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

CoffePoint is a niche template that will perfectly accommodate the needs of any business relevant to restaurant, cafe & diner industry. The theme’s visual appeal is amplified by hand-drawn icons, Parallax scrolling, unconventional layouts and much more. Needless to say, this Unbounce template will be a fireproof booster of your website’s conversion rate thanks to optimized CTAs and engaging UI.

CarCare: Car Wash Unbounce Landing Page

Car Wash - Unbounce Template

Details | Demo

This template stands at the point where professionalism meets user-friendliness. CarCare theme gives you a number of opportunities to describe the services you provide in detail, feature pricing options, showcase the quality of what you provide and much more. Undeniably, CarCare template is the one that helps your business make it to the top with its professional web presence.

You’ve just seen some of the most advanced Unbounce templates for different niches. Does any of these themes fits your professional vision and meets your ambitions? If this is the case, we wish you good luck in powering an inimitable Unbounce landing page.

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